tell me about your dreams, and about the dreams you used to have
then tell me about the last time you fell in love
don’t hide the ugly parts but don’t hide the beauty either.
I won’t get jealous and god knows
I’ll need all the beauty you can give me,
even if it’s borrowed and does not belong to me.

You need to work slowly with me 
I’ve never been good but it’s gotten worse lately
you have to believe that i didn’t mean it
dragging you into this, dragging you to me
it was never my intention but you appeared
and well, you know what Hugo once said about toads and birds

I look to you because you’re always in flight
and sometimes i even feel i could join you
because you never take me seriously when i tell you i’m broken
and that’s for the best
it’s an ugly story the scars on my back
it’s not a greek tradegy only because there’s no catharsis

so walk next to me, in your beauty like the night
and i’ll be pleasant, see, i’m already quoting poetry at you
and we’ve never even been on a date yet.
I’ll be pleasant and smile and i bet you will laugh, sometimes, maybe
if i make a good joke. it’s known to happen.
tell me about the times you fell in love and promise

don’t ask about me, don’t open the door of the cellar
this is no tragedy but it is bluebeard
no, i’m not hiding my wives, i swear. I am, 
what other people’s wives keep hidden and i can’t
live by myself locked in a cellar anymore.
Tell me about the last time you fell in love, and let me watch you fly.
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