A Birthday Message

My favorite co traveler


I often feel the urge to write about my friends. I think each and everyone has such a special, funny story that it needs to be written down, inspire a book, made into a movie and seen by the entire planet. Besides, they are the most influential people of the latest years of our life. Of course that’s an urge most people feel about their friends, but Beril maybe deserves it abit more.

You will probably have a friend like Beril too. One that you consider as the person who made you laugh, think, and translate your world from a negative language to a positive rebellious conversation. When you think of this person as someone who changed your own life movie from a drama to a romantic comedy painted intensely with the bright colors of an Almodovar movie.

You will sure have this friend who you trust in dinner dates, bookstore strolling, awkward photo posing and random late night calls –even when you haven’t seen each other for a year.


When I feel nostalgic, which happens more often than I would like, I sit and daydream  the days we spent trying to figure out our way towards University and libraries, bars and music halls, alleys of London planted with hot cups of coffee and warmth. Spending the nights with glasses of wine and talks, music and more conversation, in student halls and later in our own places.

She would often stop my nostalgia  with her optimistic phrases and abrupt realism, which never stops surprising me and I still admire. Her thought and mind so clean, sharp like the knife of a Cretan, and her depth resembling the wisdom of the elders.

I remember her coming into my life like a tornado, full of energy and knowledge and books, spending hours talking about politics in Turkey, Greece, and the whole world. Me always slightly back, trying to follow due to my hedonistic sight of things and focus in drugs and their chemistry, and her with a focus on life and her heroes.

Shakespeare and Company

Candles and flowers amidst the books, walks in the Heath, endless mornings in art galleries and nights out, travels. Planes and cheap buses, stolen wallets, runs, hectic hours but above anything fun, love, truth.


Truth. Truth in the mind and the spirit, honest feelings and warmth. I remember billions of true laughs, the ones that make your belly hurt and you think ‘oh good, cause after all this food we have consumed we gotta do some abs workout’ .

I see our memories in my confused mind and they have the colours of sunrise, they are fresh and full of expectation, lust for Life and what She has to offer to us. They smell of baklava and coffee –Greek or Turkish? – on white lace tablecloths, and they have the aftertaste of sangria and tapas. They are followed by the sweet memory of crème and thick hot chocolate, the one from Angelina, and a melody from Spanish guitars overflowing everything.

The nostalgia is transformed this time, though, to planning, and waiting and longing for the next meet up, the next catch-up with a book and a glass of rose, the next travel into our inside and outside worlds. Until then.. Happy Birthday to my favorite co traveler in this full of surprises trip of Life.


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