Blank Canvas

-What do you do when you wanna turn darkness into light?

When your inner self turns into a manuscript of weird, dark hyenas

Hyenas mixed with calligraphic letters on some old, rusty papyrus full of dirt?

Hunting words, you sit all night there, looking at the papyrus, reading it again and again, shedding tears and pain and loathing on its pages

Practicing every day, it has made you so perfect in your trade!



-Hey, I’ll give you a small hint here

Just immerse yourself more and more into the papyrus: read your darkness

Awaken the strange animals and let them bite you. Let them dive into your flesh

and reap your skin with all its humanities

Accept the pain, the distress, until all your skin is gone

Coz new skin will arise, the cells do replicate fast,

faster and faster in fact

Each stage of replication? A new birth

Each cycle a new beginning, (of new cycles).

Then you realize..Your skin is now suddenly new.

From old papyrus, you are transformed into this new, freshly smelling book full of cats, flowers and clean pages.

Ready to accept

once again, the writings of somebody in your bright, clean pages.

But this time, it is you who is writing the story.

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