Too many masks only a few clean eyes,
I blink when i know ive lived too many roughs and maybe its all been lies.

Like, at the beginning there was soul and love was real, but with the years you learned to pretend that me loving you is not a big deal.
Why ? Why under the sun and the sky we battle with whats “yours” or whats “mine”;

Why , under the name of our Lord we learn to lie and not feel sorry not one time-we, we learn to blame the crime and judge the eye, and nothing is stronger than me myself and i; when love should feel stronger than all of that, love should be Us not you or I.

Why ? Why do i have to change my face in front of faces, why do i have to neglect all kindness- why is it so easy to feel timeless – nowadays like, in our own days, where life has made us stronger than before ,where we have to live or die by the sword -instead we flirt with all, instead we plead for more and more and noone has heart, but everybody’s known.

Why do i have to live in a world where i count money instead of blessings – where everybody wants to be at the top instead of teaching some lessons – why do i confuse wrongs with rights and my words don’t match my actions, and im not even close to accepting mines- Why do i cry for love but love is nowhere to be found, and whats the point on writing some words when our souls make no sound.

See, yes i’ve lived hard and i’ve got stories to tell but really who’s got none?! Cause in my senses i know that we all got some life to share and we all are lost deep down. See, yes i am angry too for life causes pain and life’s not fair, for racism still to be gone and theres still war on lands and in the air. For women still being abused and women still being confused, for men respecting none but yet complain they got cheated on. Yes i am sad for i cannot trust shit ! And yes i got broken tears for years go by and I cannot find reason for my sins. But see, if we dont learn to appreciate the smalls, like breathing air in or seeing light and hearing sounds, like walking down the road and meeting new souls, how can life even make sense, how can the blessings be enough , how can the we deal with the tough?

Cause we are women that should be learning how to become mothers, and we are men that should be blessed for we become fathers. Cause we live till we die and we never think of the reasons why we were even brought to be alive. Cause we praise the now and we enjoy the round but for the years to come we’ve let ourselves down.

Cause our dreams are strength for all the tired ones, and our passions are inspiration for all the lost ones. Cause our hearts are stepping stones for all the broken ones. And we keep going. We are souls that no matter what, we keep going. As strong as the unwanted waves. As free as the sudden winds.. we keep going.


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