Standing outside his small balcony, trying to think of a life that could potentially be mine. The winds blowing on the leaves that the tree in front of me holds, makes me feel a type of nostalgia and the sounds from the next door houses and balconies, remind me (for one more time), that i belong here, it’s just not my time yet.

Some small sun rays made their entry in the room which sadly caused me to wake up; ” Night is over”, I thought. He is there next to me; so peacefully tacked under the duvet, and with his light stable breathing taking over the silence while giving life in the room. The happiness that overwhelms me for 3 seconds is unreal. He is not mine i know but yet i feel like im one with him. Like whatever i am, he can see it and accept it even if it’s “weird” (as he says).
I wonder sometimes how life would be if he was here next to me everyday. How all of me would make him so happy and as a result i would feed from his happiness and live in my own paradise.

And if paradise looks like blue, and followed by the sound of a sea sending signals of peace, my paradise is a look through his eyes; like there is no other, neither stronger nor wider than the feeling that hunts me.

Like unspoken words, with no force and no sound, he has grown on me

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