Nicholas Gary Greene

Lost in the way you walked through my door. Lost deep down inside your arms when you hugged me, Greene; like seeing the life at the end of the the calmness after the massive the newborn coming out of the mother’s womb and opening its eyes for the very first time.
And the stains on my bed..the stains that came from inside me but you caused. Like a dream that I saw last night and I will remember till I live it again.
And that smell that’s been left on my pillow..that smell of you, of your uncovered skin, you thick black afro hair, your breathing, that smell of the dreams you dreamt on it, of the sounds you made on it. The smell of happiness and nostalgia, the smell of hope and love.
Cause you can never be forgotten, not even when the smell goes..not even when the stains on my bed are washed out.
Cause there are stains you have left on me that have gone straight through my skin, through my soul; stains that have touched my senses, stains that I am not willing to hide from.
And as always…stains that will wait for that same bus stop.


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