Words for Kurt

As a woman, me I deserve to talk and as a personality I have learned to never judge on the spot. And in my deepest nights I am scared to admit so and in my secret prides I have so much to give though.

Cause you see like every other I speak when life makes me wana fight for a brother and like all the rest it seems to be just talk that disappears from one another.

So many words only a few to trust and I have granted so many flows its me that needs to last.
Unconditionally gifted, learned how to just look and never talk but after all words are now lost in my big world, words now struggle to release and words have no other purpose but stay in and be dismissed.
And why do i find it so hard when my passion is exceeding all I have, why am I hard to understand when life has told me you need to speak in order to stand.
But all of this to me sounds pointless, my dearest fears they are also anonymous and in my deepest tears I still remained notorious as if I had no gears to speed, regrets are not to be found in me im also glorious.

Head up like from when I was born and my mind still trapped as if im a newborn, like a handcuff; one touch releases the soul like a hard cough to make me spit out even more.
Cause its not that Im scared to talk, its not I dont like to be judged on my word, its not im unaware of the biggest world its just maybe times Im sad in my soul and i dont even try to care a bit more.
Not to not care for you or for them, not to not be of a help to women or men, not to pretending im too cool to talk but just deep inside me I freeze on the spot.

U see my understanding is reaching level more that the top, but in my understanding talking too much at times is less that reaching under the floor.

The battles between what I can or cant say and nothing is enough when trying to say it quick in order to run and escape.
Or maybe really, the battles between what I hear and what has been shared cause only the ear has powers that we cant pretend, only the ear allows us to speak back words that we’ve heard.

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